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IMG_2246I have not seen any activity at the Osprey nest beyond Chapman’s landing this Spring. It seemed to be abandoned, though late today I spotted an Osprey perched there as I motored past. It flew right off though for some fishing. This photo is from last year.

I was  out today exercising the boat, if you don’t run it, well, it’s not good. The weather and travel schedules this Summer have been lousy for boating. The scow was in the shop till June 15th for some significant issues, about a month. I was on vacation with Doozie in San Francisco and would with the time difference, slip out of the hotel room  before Doozie stirred, ostensibly the coffee run, to take calls from Kenny, the service manager at Hudson Marine.

The motor is a 1999 Honda 90 4 stroke.

“We need to change out that entire component”

“Actually every five years or so for most motors”

“The saltwater is very corrosive”

“We have to pull the head and re-tap, it’s the only way to do it right”

“The parts should be in next week,or so”

“When we opened her up, well, we found…..”

The boat ran great  after we sprang her from Salisbury  and then splashed her in the Squamscott.  A  little carburetor  issue arose  2 weeks ago but Kenny suggested a gas additive, Sea Foam, and it worked. I always winterized the motor myself but have put the tools away now, and have joined the Kenny Club. Hudson Marine in Salisbury MA is a solid gold group of experts.

Kenny on speed dial.

Today an Osprey dropped from the sky off my bow and came  up empty, it went right in too. When it came up and was on the wing, it would  do a pronounced shudder several times in flight, to shed the water.
I just found this excellent video of Osprey fishing,the slow motion  of the bird’s dive is  terrific.

When I got  home I made a cup of coffee and was sitting out back on the patio. I have a very bird friendly yard and garden, and it affords me the opportunity to see lot’s of birds close up.

The bee balm is in bloom but almost fading now and I had not seen one hummingbird.

I was actually thinking about hummingbirds

We attended a party last Saturday on Blackford Drive and someone had spotted one there, but I missed it.

I lifted my coffee cup to my lips and there it was, I thought for sure it was going to take a sip from the bright red cup. I only just now realized  that must have been it, the red cup, but they are usually so skittish, even movement from a window viewer can spook them.

The hummer just hung there, at the edge of my cup, that whirring sound,it’s wings barely visible, a little slide left then right. It slowly orbited my planet sized head came back around to the lip of  the cup, gave me a shrug and whirred away. No, I did not and could not have taken a photo , but I did make an effort to find one that best represents my view of the the little fellow.

It was just a perfect day.

Juvenile Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird


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