rarely seen


Pete Kennedy and I just took a little ride up the Squamscott River. He brought some snacks. I have these carburetors all straightened out now, I drained the bowls. Running the gas treatment and carb cleaner resulted in some debris.
All gone now, though a gas filter change would be a good thing to do, after a bit more of this treatment.
The boat has yet to pass under the General Sullivan Bridge this season.
It’s all about trust. All is well now, Pete said the Honda sounds much better than on his last boat ride.
So, as we approached the Town dock at Stewart Park tonight night had almost fallen.
The routine is that I drop my passengers,then I unlock the communal dinghy, tie it off to my stern and motor out to the mooring.
The camera has been stowed.
Just as I approached the dock I saw something scamper down the dock and slip into the dinghy.
“Pete, quick get a look at this thing!”
He was on the port side and didn’t see it before it ducked down in the dinghy.
“It’s in the dinghy!”
Pete was not moving, being cautious, so I hopped out, and there it was nosing an ice cream cup someone had tossed in the dinghy. A young man came down the ramp fast to see what the commotion was about.

“What is it”
“It looks like a ferret!”
The kid yells, “Let’s grab him!”
Pete and I gave him a look, Pete adds “They got really sharp teeth!”
Pete could just see this thing on his neck and not as a stole.
Pure black, shiny.
“Look out it might come this way!”
The little guy hopped up on the gunwale of the dinghy gave us a look and slipped into the water, then scrambled up the boulders, and was gone.
It was really something, so much fun.
The animal was a mink and they make a point of keeping out of sight.
It must have an ice cream jones.

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