SSN 752

IMG_0035I was passing the PNSY recently and SSN 752 was tied up on the quay. When I got home I checked the number , it’s the USS Pasadena.  The number is visible on that placard forward of the sail. It was home ported in Pearl Harbor but was brought to PNSY for engineered maintenance. It’s Commander was relieved of duty in January, the reason not given other than “loss of confidence”.

Supposedly being down in any shipyard is horrible for the crew, lot’s of stress.

It’s a tight schedule too since it’s all about getting the boat back into  service, despite it’s age.

The boat was commissioned in 1989 , it was launched in 1987.

It is a Los Angeles class boat, or 688 boat of which 62 were built. The Pasadena is one of 23 still in service as the  improved 688 class.

Some news reports had said that when it entered the PNSY in September 2011 it would undergo 18 months of overhaul.

Commander Molina was quoted at a shore barbecue for the crew in July of 2012 that they were at the halfway mark in the overhaul. It would seem now to be behind schedule by a few months.

I was able to walk through “Sherwood Forest” on the USS Maine ( SSBN 741) once with my youngest son. It remains for me a singular experience. That is an Ohio class boat of which we have 18. Since we might not be loosing any ballistic missiles at anyone in the near future some of the launch tube are being re-tasked, with cruise missiles packed in a rotating cylinder . No one  seems to complain too much about cruise missiles landing on them

A Trident missile  all mirv’d up however is most destabilizing so this little upgrade is great.


When  Libya was attacked by coalition forces these worked very well as American subs launched the most missiles. The British sub had a problem after one launch, out of action.

Here is a video of SSN 752 the USS Pasadena exiting Pearl for an exercise in 2010.

I hope they have about completed the work on the Pasadena at PNSY and the  crew can get back to sea, or even better, Hawaii, soon.

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