I really wish the news , and a talking head on ABC just used it, would stop using the word “Homeland” to reference the United States of America. I heard Mr Mueller of the FBI use the term as well.

I just don’t like it, never have, it grates me. We should change the name of the Agency too, despite the cost in hats and vests. We could just dump it and enforce laws with our current legal system and existing agencies.

The rule of law.

Like getting off the phone when you are in the left lane on the highway and fail to move over for miles, or until you wake up, when your call ends, before you check Facebook.

You actually will be charged in NJ  for this behavior soon. It causes road rage and unsafe driving by others trying to get someplace by passing you on the right.


Everywhere you go in the United States of America, you will find a Polish Club, Italian Club , Greek Club, Irish Club and on and on. Every nationality has a hall, a network, a community.

Communities within a larger Community.

The melting pot right?

“Yearning to be free”


Who can claim that ? Should they do so are they, are you actually saying something else?

We got to live together.

So please join me in dropping the use of Homeland.

I would imagine that with all the hate being spewed on the web (It’s insurance reform, not Obamacare) that those in the bunkers, in the woods, are at a fever pitch.

Have you noticed there has been little coverage of Militia Groups that once were both acting out(Murrah Federal Building) and practicing maneuvers in the woods.

Did they all disband or are they still getting together for a cookout now and then?


Someone who never follows the news ( good for them!) called me and wanted to discuss the latest gruesome news from Syria.

I did not, as the truth is hard to see, on a video. Some internet commenter in a sea of hateful comments asked bewilderingly “where are the dead dogs, cats and birds?”

A rebel, one guy ,made headlines some time ago by actually holding up the heart of a dead Syrian soldier to his lips.

So that means,  I guess, they are all blood thirsty savages and that’s why the World is at the sidelines.

“We” don’t want  them taking over!

Have you seen the refugee camps in Jordan filled with people, 60, 000 of which are children, 12 more born every day?

Imagine having to live in such conditions.

Too many civilians are  being killed and displaced the World over and  we need some  bold steps to rein this in soon.

I just wish it would all stop including the daily poking and prodding by media  and government officials, so drop the Homeland.

It’s the United States of America,and we arrived from all over the planet, that is our strength,that is what we should cherish, and there is no closing the door.

Have a safe weekend.