tarred and feathered

Jeffrey Hyland is a friend of mine, and he provided the plan  for my now beautiful backyard after we renovated 8 years ago.

A far sighted plan works it’s magic over the years.

He is a professional  landscape designer with many significant completed  projects across New England through his firm Ironwood Design

In Exeter he has given us many designs that beautify our local landscape.

A real pro.

I watched the the Planning Board meeting at which Frank Ferraro castigated Jeffrey  about his limited participation in a snafu on a project off Linden Street.

I was squirming at home as Frank, the Selectman’s representative to the Planning board launched a withering attack on this fine individual.

I was deeply embarrassed for us, as a Community.

It was over the top and not befitting of a sitting selectman. Frank was entirely on his own and no other members  joined in this egregious flogging of Mr Hyland.

It was and remains all about Frank and what he feels.

In March  we will be removing Frank from his seat.


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