I had read all the puff pieces on President Assads wife and wondered where that story went. She was the face of the new Syria.

Thoroughly Modern Millie.

So good looking too, and smart.

Very few people really bought the story but it was being flogged, even by NBC.

Sting visited.

So I wanted to check the state of that tale today .

Here are a couple of links.


The original Vogue article I do not have and it is not key .

From wiki.

“In March 2011, Vogue published a flattering profile of the first lady titled “A Rose in the Desert” authored by veteran fashion writer Joan Juliet Buck. The article was later removed from Vogue’s website without editorial comment that spring.[1][37][38] Responding to media inquiries about the disappearance of Assad’s profile, Vogue’s editor stated that “as the terrible events of the past year and a half unfolded in Syria, it became clear that [Syria’s] priorities and values were completely at odds with those of Vogue”.[39] After strong public and media reaction to the article, Buck’s contract was not renewed with Vogue although she had been employed by the magazine for over 30 years and had been an editor of French Vogue for seven years.[40] The New York Times later reported that the piece was intended as part of a larger Syrian government-sponsored image campaign coordinated by the public relations firm Brown Lloyd James.[39][41] Buck has since written another article for Newsweek giving an extremely critical account of Asma al-Assad, concluding that she is the “first lady of hell”.[40] Separately, Buck’s original profile of Assad was satirized in The Philadelphia Inquirer.[42]”


Lastly from the Daily Beast 7/30/2012 a piece by the author of that Vogue article Joan Juliet Buck.

“Just before the Arab Spring, Vogue writer Joan Juliet Buck did an infamous interview with Syria’s first lady. For the first time, she tells the story behind the debacle.”


I just find it all so interesting, the public opinion realm and how it is and can be manipulated. It is so  much easier too  with our constant tsunami of news , and video, right in your palm.

Perhaps, there are databases that allow someone to know how much you read on the web of environmental impact studies, defense documents, Town Warrants and Zoning regulations, or is video your thing.

“He buys Budweiser”

I do.

To better craft the message,just for you, or at least a good chunk of you.

That boring commute is a thing of the past.

Rolling Stone vilified for that Marathon cover, is now being quoted by the Boston Press with news on the Hernandez case.  The magazines investigative work was deep. Local outlets will  often, with a “hot” story (to protect their own interests) let someone else do the heavy lifting.

This is when the wire services come in handy.

Here’s hoping we let things cool down in Syria.