All Board Meeting Report

I just got back from a very important meeting at the library. It was the first , imagine that, meeting of all our regulatory boards. The volunteers that continue to step up, to make important  decisions, sometimes working late into the night, to thoughtfully guide our Community forward.

I really have to collect my thoughts, I took no notes, just engaged in active listening for two and half hours.

Oh, I remember the gems for sure , there will be some flavor in my post for sure.

“Benevolent overlords”

“Bring on the tattoo parlour!” I am taking some license with the tattoo parlor, but a brew pub ,maybe.

This came up in thread woven by our inveterate  booster of Downtown, Dan Chartrand.

That perhaps the core could lead, and fast , with almost a hands off policy relative to business ventures.

I took a trip to San Francisco this Spring, great.

So naturally I was and continue to follow the great city by the bay.

I recently read a story about a neighborhood up in arms, in Haight- Ashbury of all places.

It is a very dense area.

There was a restaurant called Bacon Bacon, it closed after the neighbors complained about the rancid smell.

Some others protested that  they love bacon and it’s odor. If they could buy bacon perfume, they would.

A pitched battle ensued.

You can read the whole story here in the Wall Street Journal

The joint was closed down due to issues with filtering of grease.

Then for all the bacon lovers, and despite continued neighborhood detractors, it opened again.

Bacon Bacon Reopens /Inside Scoop story

It’s a good story to read and would suggest that all tonight’s participants  check it out.

Tonight was a good start for Exeter.

More later.


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