I attended Indiana University a few miles from Seymour, so I am familiar  with the lay of the land .

That was in the 70’s.

I drove through Needham Massachusetts yesterday, my home till  the  ninth grade, then we moved to the northern suburbs of Chicago, Deerfield IL.

Neither Needham nor Deerfield is unrecognizable, but both are decidedly different.

The huge Sara Lee Plant which was practically downtown in Deerfield is gone, replaced years ago with an office park.

I am still working on getting my head around the import of the All Board Meeting the other night at the library.This post is just an exercise in that process.

There was an opportunity at the conclusion of the meeting for public comment. The conference room at the library is small so it was not packed with citizens observing.

It was the regular crowd.

I made a comment, so did Brian Griset, Gerry Hamel, a fellow from out of Town spoke.

Then a gentleman stood up ,a young man, and he struggled a bit in his delivery.

Most everyone else in the room has had many chances  to engage in verbal gymnastics with each other. It’s a bit like family getting together, perhaps a dysfunctional one. That indeed could be a significant issue  for moving this grand scheme forward. The wrong folks are in the room.

This citizen stood up and with a crack in his voice, told the assembled how he had bought his first house in Exeter only 3 years  ago. He selected Exeter for exactly what it was then and today.

He seemed a bit troubled by all this talk of exponential change.

I called Don Clement(BOS Chairman) the next morning to recap the meeting.

In the course of our conversation I told him the one comment of the night that for me, hung in the air, was that young man’s.

Don agreed, that comment brought Don right back to when he and Helen  first drove through Exeter looking for a home.

Those that were born here and never left, and those that have come from afield, all share the same love for Exeter.

So  for that reason we have to make sure the call for change is echoed by all residents.

More later