place your bets

Mowing the lawn yesterday  I   spotted this new den entrance at my bulkhead. The opening of such a size that when  mowing past the gaping maw I quickened my step, imagining flashing teeth at my ankle.



It selected a great spot really. That precast concrete bulkhead probably has significant voids. The entrance has been used before, by a much smaller beast, a skunk. It was a brief rendezvous as I plugged the entrance with those rocks.

This new visitor paid them no mind.

I might rake out that soil  in front for a pad-print, it’s difficult  to read one now.

The entrance was inspected by my Cairn, a breed that will, go underground after prey, there are competitions.

Some say that the Cairns piercing bark really helped finding and digging a dog out  that found itself stuck.

I kept Bailey on the leash.

He sniffed twice and wandered off and he knows the  skunk odor, so it’s not Pepe Le Pew. This hole is new, a few days max. Perhaps this beast is one that Bailey has not cataloged  ? He is still making new friends, at 14.


The location is difficult to monitor, whatever it is could slip in and out  unnoticed,quite easily.

So, I am going to borrow one of those game cameras and see what we have.

Fall, raking leaves , once we burned wood, so stacking was enjoyable with Bryce and Jeffrey. It would become a fort. This hole would have been alot of fun. Bryce would have done the camera, Jeffrey the scholarly research on the beast within.

Standby for our furry friends debut.


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