Freedom @ 3:03

You can find lots of videos and case studies of dam removal projects, all tout the benefits, which are immense.

The issues are usually the same and to one in particular, the historical component,  there is  a universal reply.

It is suggested that those concerned with documentation and legacy start taking photos.

The dam really is coming down.

I still am wrestling with an idea that would in my estimation be valuable to researchers, and they will be descending on  us, that’s for sure. Removing a dam puts you right on the map, right in the news.

We are making history!

There must be from a research perspective, significant locations on the Exeter River that would benefit from a monitoring program.

Before, during, and long after the Dam is removed.

There could be a marker on the trail with simple instructions  for a photo, “aim at the big pine on river bend” with an arrow and a web address for a public Flickr account for uploading. The Iphones too allow one to geotag, which would be key along with date taken. The  String Bridge railing would be a fine location  for the first marker. I had looked askance initially at Iphones but my son Jeffrey set me straight. They are everywhere and they take a fine pic.

Once Mrs Gilman,  Mr Quandt and Mr Chartrand find their footing, we can move forward together as a Community on this exciting endeavor. I do appreciate that we have as Selectmen, simple Community folk. I do understand the weight that a decision of this type  brings to bear on their shoulders.

The Community has many shoulders and that is what makes it all work, from those on  the payroll, and the many that volunteer their time.

You could help to ease the pain of decision by voicing your support for  the Great? Dam removal and restoration of the Exeter River, take a bit of the load off their shoulders.

It’s a Community.

The Exeter River  research is clear and most, if not all, the questions have been vetted and answered. We as Community members should support our Board and help to dispel their tribulation.

Everything is going to work out fine.


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