sunday morning

P1050600The penguin is really being overly dramatic.

Update 10am- I got the place cleaned up, Doozie has to get out to Buffalo from Logan later, so the driveway and cars are cleaned off. A place for the dog to get busy out back. He loves that  as he cannot get over the snow banks, so he can be off the tether.

Should he feel adventurous , he is easily tracked.

I had to  gas  Doozie’s car and Epping Rd was snow covered . The State Highway plow drivers at the gas station told me there is no black showing on 101. That was about 830.

Lucky you that slept in, the rain moved East and away. So you have plenty of time to shovel.

That used snow blower  I purchased  from  Dave Bragdon in Stratham so many years ago, fired on the first pull.



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