add 60lbs to your rear end

Doozie had a real problem a few weeks ago leaving Logan during a snow event. She told me it appeared to her that the smaller, lighter vehicles were struggling, gumming up the traffic, it took an hour to get off the airport property and on to 1A.

Of course.

I have stopped filling the 14 gallon fresh water tank in the bow of my scow to avoid the weight penalty. I am sure that the tank placement is a design element relative to planing time and softness of ride in tough conditions.

I generally go slow though and do my best to avoid rough water

Planes are made of plastic now for that  same effect, fuel mileage, and TO weight.

I wouldn’t worry  so much about that in a car, if it makes the difference moving through poor Winter conditions. The other day at Arjays I saw a fellow purchasing  a couple of these bags below.

The staff placed them in his trunk.

P1050782A single tube weighs in at 60lbs, and costs about 6 bucks.


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