it’s always the same story

Just another Dam story.

And Cuyahoga Falls city engineer Tony Demasi says that will change the flow – and the look – of the river.

“Everyone in the city has always seen a dam in the river. They don’t remember a time when the dam wasn’t there. And so there’s some anticipation, there’s some curiosity and so we try to help people along with that process and assure them that the final product is going to be what nature intended this river to be anyway.”

WOSU full story

The story always ends the same too, a beautiful river, lovely sounds, splashing, free running water, glinting and sparkling on it’s way to the Sea. The fish return very quickly, plants move in, the river finds it’s way.

How glorious is that !

By voting for dam removal we will be restoring the quality of the water for us and all the critters.

We will be saving the Town a boatload of money and trouble for us all  now and the Community’s future residents.

You neighbors homes will not be subjected to regular flooding and it’s attendant costs of cleanup, insurance.

We will be taking care once and for all the problem that must be addressed, dam deficiency.

Dam removal is the only option that will allow us to avail ourselves of grant monies of maybe 75%.

Dam removal is the lowest cost solution and if we vote yes in March we can get it removed in the 2 year time frame after the  grant is awarded. That is quite key, being able to meet that timetable.

The time is now, and we must hold the hands of the timid  and help them to understand the clear truth and facts.

It’s all going to work out fine and you should all want to be part of this wonderful thing. Your  vote is critical to helping the Community do the right thing regardless of the Selectmen’s vote.

There is nothing “wrong” with  Community members taking the reins, it’s quite appropriate in my view.

I also believe  strongly that local support is key to securing the  grant monies from NOAA and other funding agencies. If you don’t think those administrators making decisions on awards don’t gauge and watch our march forward , you are wrong.

The NWS people were given pause by the initial no vote of the Selectmen. It is precisely the actions of the organizers and signers of the petition that got this all back on track.

We are  not coming apart as a Community but coming together and that is admirable, it should be  lauded and celebrated.

It’s a competition for the Sandy Storm funds and we should all want to win!

If you have any questions at all, still on the fence, or just so  busy with life that you can’t focus,we can help you. On February 6th at the Library there will be a chat from 7-9pm. It will be a low key, consultative session. You might think about stopping by and posing your questions.

The River Study Committee has all the answers.


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