“fear of the unknown”

The Wire has a story on Dam issues and the IOKA

“Greenland town administrator Karen Anderson says that before the Winnicut River Dam was removed in 2009, there was a passionate debate among residents about the dam. “Prior to removal, there was a very large impoundment area that people fished, and the big fear was that when the dam was removed, that fishing area would no longer exist. It was reported that water in the Winnicut River that abutts some properties would be lower, and that was a concern to kayers,” she says.”

“But four years later, Anderson says that the restored river “looks wonderful.” “The reality is that yes, the impoundment area is lower, but it still sustains fishing, there’s still kayaks out there, and still people in canoes. So I think a lot of the passion prior to it was fear of the unknown.”

Read the entire story by following the Wire link.



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