Please vote this year

Registered voters are usually around 10,000 plus.

2010 2007 voters

2011 1949 voters

2012 2400 voters (estimate)

2013 1937 voters

I am counseling you right now to get an absentee ballot if there is even the slightest chance you will be unable to make it. If you or your husband/partner travel please , one vote per household will not cut it this year, get that absentee ballot. The little one prone to ear infections ? Absentee. Nothing cool to wear to the polls? Absentee.

We vote as a Community on Tuesday March 11th which is  NEXT WEEK.  Sorry for the caps, but a local organizer just found 15 people that had no clue. I totally understand the young family voter. I do, but no excuses this year , please.

A vote for our future on GBKC should also include a vote for the future of the Exeter River, the Squamscott River  and The Great Bay, our watershed. Let’s have some fun , blow the numbers sky high, show up and demonstrate the power of the entire Community. That huge turnout will go along way to re-ordering the  stagnant landscape of our local, small p, politics.


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