Cottontail – at risk species

Early this morning I was out back while the dog got busy . If you have a small dog that is on a lead as is Bailey you might consider keeping an eye on them. It’s coyote season till the end of April. Heading back inside I spotted something over my shoulder dash across the yard and head for our rhododendron thicket.

A bit later, with the dawn, I checked that thicket.

Doozie came down and  enjoyed using  the binoculars, staring into the eye of the rabbit



I am unable to tell if it’s a Eastern Cottontail or a New England Cottontail. If our new neighbor is a New England, that would be something to report to Fish and Game.

I have never spotted a rabbit in my yard. We have had one moose, a few foxes, groundhogs, skunks, possum,turkeys,coyote,and hawks( picking off diners at the bird feeder).


Both species of rabbit are under assault due to habitat issues. I have seen estimates at one time that ventured we were down to 100 New England Cottontails.

Here you go , I did read such a number!

One more day.


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