I was over to Chester NH this morning to visit Jeff Geary, a pal of mine at his brand new goat dairy. He recently had his inspection and  now he is  Grade A Certified(scored a 96). I have been helping out the last few months. I dashed over this morning as the baby goats are dropping fast. I had some other photos to take also , out back.

Goat cheese, milk, yogurt, it’s all coming soon!

Local, certified.












P1060453It’s all quite fantastic, a scratch built dairy. I feel honored to have been  able to participate and help the dream become reality. I might purchase an old milk truck get a white uniform, a cap, and sell and deliver all the delicious products.

I went over to  see the baby goats but I also wanted to walk out to the back 40 to take a few snaps.


Right out there in the middle of the field are  the  headwaters of the Exeter River.


This  is the view from the rear of  the property the dairy beyond. The Exeter River starts  here and flows to the right,  into the woods.



This is the pond and you can just see the cleft that is the outlet on the  far bank dead center.


This “open water” was outside the bank beyond the cleft.

It then follows the terrain into the woods to the left of the tree stand.


On it’s way to the  Sea

It’s not really a foot wide at this point, it is alive though, and flowing. If one were to engage in anthropomorphism you might wonder how the River would feel, if it knew  it’s dash to the Sea was being hindered by the dewy memories and  history of those whose time is short. Absent of late from the discussion is the fact  that anything less than removal is a cash deal, and solves nothing. Letting the river run free is our only option.

Do the good thing, the right thing, the smart thing .

Vote YES on dam removal.

Here are two links so you can take a closer look at Millcreek Dairy.






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