Inquiry for the Ferdinand Hassler

Good afternoon Mr. Lambert,

We did acquire multibeam echosounder ( data over the wreck as well as the area around Boon Island and Boon Island Ledge. Since the wreck is in relatively deep water the digital terrain model (DTM) of the wreck is not as impressive as side scan sonar imagery. Although we could tow side scan over the wreck we probably will not since it is already well known, its position well charted, and we are avoiding towing the side scan where there are lobster trap buoys. I can’t remember the trap concentration around the wreck but we will probably avoid that for our upcoming operations to finish our work in the area.

We still need to process our data more thoroughly, if the multibeam imagery looks interesting I will forward to you.

LCDR Marc S. Moser, NOAA
Commanding Officer
NOAA Ship Ferdinand R. Hassler (S-250)
ship’s cell: (603) 812-8748
Land line: (603) 431-4500

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