U.S Gold opens in Exeter




Update Nov 2014- This location and a sister store in Epping have closed.

Perhaps you have a piece of jewelry, maybe even a family heirloom, but it’s just not you , despite the long heritage.

I stopped in to check out the new business in Town while my Aunt was having her hair done right next door. The managers name is Jeremy Sullo and we had nice conversation about this location. The firm also has locations  in Derry, Manchester, and Epping.

M-F 10-6pm

Sat 9-5

105 Portsmouth Ave

Exeter, NH

This is a very reputable firm and has been vetted by our local police. I asked about that specifically as you remember Chief Kane some time ago wanted to be able to better monitor resale shops, antique stores for items that may be stolen. It would seem the Police Dept is quite satisfied with the business and their practices at all locations.

So if you need a loan, or want to sell some unused items (that bar of bullion is simply gathering dust) stop on by and say hello to Jeremy.



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