Excellent project underway

2014-11-25 11.57.07The stump of a Sycamore tree on the edge of Park Street Common.

Last week the Town was busy removing some  very hazardous trees, and this should be continued all over Town. The expense versus the problems associated with power outages and blocked streets is in my view negligible.

Unless you had to pay as a homeowner for removing one of these behemoths. The tree removed near 111 A was massive and posed a serious threat.

IMG_3187This tree above was removed 2 years ago on the Park Street Common, next to the backstop of the ball field, it could have let go on a Summer evening. The limb was very large.

Most trees especially old ones may look quite robust, but they are constantly being weakened by insects , repeated storms and their own weight.

This morning on our stroll I was so happy to see the greatest threat in our neighborhood also had been removed, finally. I took the photo below 2 years ago. For years I wondered how it would ever be cut down if the homeowner had to do it. I just didn’t see that happening.


 Look at those power lines. The electric company had over the last few years raised the lines in our area and also beefed them up.

To better withstand bad weather.

That tree would have made quick work of their upgrade.

So congrats  to the Town or whoever is driving the bus on addressing this problem.

Heads up, there are two huge pine trees on the  front lawn of the Episcopal  Church(on Pine St!) that could easily reach the main building if they toppled.


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