turning things around

Our son Bryce and Marisa hosted Thanksgiving yesterday in Boston’s South End. It was a fantastic day  and  we were most fortunate not to have suffered  a power loss here, or there.

2014-11-27 14.16.32Their dog Buster, a rescue, we had brought down some of Bailey’s outerwear for Buster.

Bailey our Cairn always looked at me when wearing one as if to say

“Just take it off”

2014-11-27 15.56.49

2014-11-27 18.42.11

Bryce made that turkey roll, did you know you can purchase meat glue to fashion a loaf ?

It was news to me.

Sous Vide.

This morning I was up early looking at that limb and planning my attack to get it into bonfire sized pieces and in the woods. The chain saw borrow was setup yesterday, but then I second guessed myself. If Keith Goodrich was still with us  it would be done now, and the bonfire ready most perfectly for lighting at Christmas.

The one power tool that I cannot stand is the chainsaw, oh I can and have used them, but they are just  so fraught with danger. Even the experts get bit now and then.

So, I am mulling this over and sent a text to a buddy about it and also inquired as to his status , power, how was his Thanksgiving, those questions. I thought he might have power issues given his location, heavily wooded.

His reply just came in.

“We still have no power and I cooked for 18 people using a 12 in electric skillet and a roasting pan for a 23 lb bird! Used gas grill too ! Gr bean cass, Brussels , mashed pot. Sauté carrots , corn bread and gravy/turkey!Went off without a hitch oh ya one small generator !! Had all the young kids spend night too so much fun!!”



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