Dear Michael,

The EPA just did it – the night before Thanksgiving. They’ve publicly stated their intention to burden the U.S. economy with what could be the costliest regulations in our country’s history. We need to stop this regulatory disaster right in its tracks.

Send a Letter to the EPA Now!

The Ozone regulations currently contained in the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are working. In fact, there are some regions in our country still making improvements to meet those standards. But the EPA doesn’t seem to care about this. They want the current standards tightened, tightened so much that some of our National Parks wouldn’t even be up to snuff.

If the EPA succeeds in making the NAAQS Ozone regulations more burdensome, millions of American jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in annual U.S. economic output could be lost.

The EPA is required to submit its draft regulations for public comment before they can take effect, so we have to act now! We can’t let the American economy become a casualty of the EPA’s misguided regulatory crusade. So please do your part and send a comment to the EPA urging them to reject the draft ozone regulations today!


The Energy Citizens Team

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