winding up

I watched the BOS meeting recently. I was surprised to see our new Economic Development Director speaking about dumpsters.

Seems a bit lowbrow.

While we are discussing sidewalks, again, so much else seems to be put on the back burner.

I don’t understand why the sending Towns are not ponying up to expand the lunch room at CMS.

The entire school day revolves around that tiny cafeteria with some eating lunch before 10am, a fast one.

All Day Kindergarten , where is that now?

Winter Street is no longer a road at the Epping Rd end . It handles a huge amount of traffic, including oil trucks and pool water tankers.

It is falling apart and probably requires a major redo , to include utilities.

Not a skim coat.

That notice we all got from the Water Dept was outrageous , could you even understand it?



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