String Bridge

The String Bridge is in need of a rehabilitation, it’s scheduled for  sometime in the next 2-3 years. Whenever I drive by on the Bridge it seems a shame that the buildings are not at street level. Apart from the aesthetics it would seem to complicate any development of their use. The island buildings were purchased from Don Robie by the Green Bean owners. I run into Mr Robie often at the Mill, and asked him about raising the platform on which the buildings rest.

“Money, time and will” was his approximate reply. He added  that indeed the idea has been floated around.

In 2008 the wall behind the buildings suffered a collapse and you could see right inside through the hole.

AR-807250400.jpg&MaxW=315&MaxH=315Lara Bricker took this photo while working for the ENL.

P1050363Even an iconic view could use an upgrade.

Think Old Man of the Mountain.

My next door neighbor relocated a barn some years ago. It went off with only a small hitch. The lifting beam bent on  the first lift. It was rushed back to the yard and had a stiffener welded  on it then the lift went fine. I  think those buildings on String Bridge  could be parked on a barge while the wall and foundation are raised. I have been in one the offices located there and they appeared to be simple buildings.







Here is the link to Jennifer Feals story on the String Bridge wall collapse from 2008.


3 thoughts on “String Bridge

  1. Although the FD will shudder at this idea, I say revert String Bridge back to a pedestrian bridge. That intersection with Chestnut is hazardous for cars anyways. Turn the top part into a driveway to the mills and library. A 12′ wide bridge (for emergency access) with benches, pedestrian scale lighting, etc. could be a cool feature for downtown.

  2. Chestnut intersection doesn’t work because no one seems to see the stop sign on the right in front of Peter Dows condo, others spooked by that coming up the hill actually stop with no stop sign which has been an issue this winter.
    Thanks for the comment Ken it almost sounds like you have seen a plan!

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