it’s not over quite yet

I texted our Assistant Chief Ken Berkenbush about snow on roofs this morning. We have talked about this well before the roofs started caving in. I was just sending a reminder to him about Walgreens that once had blocked roof drains and experienced a partial collapse. Don Clement has a home next door to him that suffered a collapse a few years ago. To look at that home you would assume it had a robust roof.

I was also texting him about whether anyone had checked the IOKA roof as I saw a pretty good drift this am overhanging the alley.

It would be a shame to lose that treasure that some day may be resurrected

I also saw an awful lot of homes in Jady Hill with significant snow loads not pitched roof capes, the other ones with carports. Now those homes appear to me as having roofs that may be at some risk of failure.

We have fun texting, as its really just banter . The Fire Department can’t order you to get the snow off, but they are making calls to commercial property owners and the IOKA owner will get a call.

I suggested he send the FD Drone out for a look at the IOKA roof. I have climbed through the roof hatch and stood on that roof, I found it kinda punky , but it was Summer and hot. I got right back down.

Ken would love a drone.

Nope the FD can’t do much really but  are you not amazed at the malfeasance of school officials or corporate officials( Georgia Pacific, apartment buildings, the Mall!)that do indeed assume life safety responsibility and did nothing ?




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