Just saw on Twitter a offer is in for the theater .

Brew pub/ restaurant . Exeter will be loaded with suds soon!

That German beer operation up on Epping Rd seems to be moving along albeit at a snails pace.

There will of course be no parking issues .

It will all be decided on the up and up by our new hybrid zoning board/planning member probably .

The “futures so bright I gotta wear shades ”

Why after all that talk is the Franklin St project not underway?

The project slated near McDonald’s is also going nowhere right now.

The Townspeople in my view are owed updates from time to time.

Hey here is one more. The PEA facilities fellow remarked on the taking of Gilman St by saying we don’t have to maintain it anymore.

Why don’t we give PEA Water Street downtown ? We are not maintaining that at all. I asked if it would be made whole this year and got a maybe.

The Lincoln St project which has been stalled by PEA dragging feet on the Stadium well could take all Summer/Fall. So Water St could fall off the schedule, if there is one.


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