full-plateThere are a great many projects going on around Town and it’s really coming to a head. We are also careening towards August 31 st the first day of school.

I just walked back from Herb & Robs on Epping Rd. The private enterprise, Great Bay Kids is charging forward to that date. The grass will be planted soon.

Here is what we have left to do and we might be a few weeks behind. All the sewer covers and water service covers have to be raised yet on Portsmouth Ave before final paving.

We are still waiting for a start date on the Water St concrete sidewalks.The job to do the same on the opposite side of the Great Bridge was disruptive and took some time. I was told it was two weeks away but Don Clement checked and there is still plenty to be ironed out. He forgot to inquire about the Lincoln St project.

That parking project at Main Street School has all the appearances of being behind schedule, to me.

The water line project on Lincoln Street is still being massaged by Engineering and was supposed to be done over the Summer. Lincoln Street is a key  thoroughfare and cannot suffer much disruption at all.

If someone hiccups the intersection at Burnhams Cleaners just becomes a real mess.

I would suggest that someone get everyone in a room fast and make some decisions as the window is closing fast.

UPDATE 10/9/15

If I was not leaving Town for a new start I would be all over DPW and the BOS for allowing this project to move ahead.

While the kids are in school .

The sidewalks were put on hold so as not to affect the sale of what again?

Yes, the downtown is nice, but there is nothing there I need. Hey Dan what about all the shopkeepers on Lincoln St, the Church in high season?

The children at school having their classes interrupted by noise?

I inquired over the Summer several times on this project, and I am moving, but it is hard to let go, when you see problems. Why the BOS does not have the same vision confounds me.

The residents and parents of children in school should shut this project down.

The DPW has not planned at all and there is little oversight by the BOS and TM.

I heard that Jay Perkins is the go to guy on the Linden St Bridge project.

He is not an engineer.

I am finding it difficult to let go when I see poor reporting , no attendance by citizens at BOS meetings, record low voter turnouts. Then I have all the other “stuff” the inside scoop,oh i have loads of that information.

We approve things as voters and they don’t get done.

If you knew what I know and you are a taxpayer you would be freaking out. This chain of events that has us doing a tear up the streets project in the late Fall is full of missteps. The Stadium Well negotiations with PEA  that were dragged out  are part of the timeline problem.

I would fire the DPW Director and call Russ on the carpet but I am moving in 3 weeks.

Nashville bound tomorrow for 5 days, a fun break in the action!


Snow at Halloween ? Think that is unusual?