Margaret Rugg of Front Street  died this afternoon on Epping Rd in Exeter. The accident has the road closed while the State Police  accident investigation unit does their job. She was struck by a large truck while riding her bicycle,  thetruck was a waste hauler. The accident occurred in front of the new Great Bay Kids Daycare. My prayers are with her family tonight.



Update 7/23/15

I had to stop in this morning to Herb & Robs for an engine light  check  and spoke with Robbie about yesterday. He was still very emotional  about Mrs Rugg’s death in  yesterday’s accident. I understand there was a policeman on detour duty yesterday . He was some distance from the location of the accident. There was a definite pinch point that was not visible at yesterdays scene, today you can see it and get a better idea of how this  accident may have happened.

The policeman was very upset according to Robbie, and was consoled by a fellow officer. I have only been first to an accident twice and both incidents remain quite vivid in my memory. I hope the policeman gets some time off.

I was at the scene yesterday at Herb & Robs because I was retrieving mail box keys from Doozies key ring, her car is in the shop. I had to cut through the woods to get there , but that was at the direction of an Exeter police officer. I knew there had been an accident and knew it was fatal given the police presence,the policeman only answered me with “It’s bad”

Our son Jeff is riding his bike with 2 chums across the USA, they are in Wisconsin now, home later in August. I ride a bike occasionally, we had a nice ride to Hampton beach a few weekends ago. When I ride a bike I feel like a pain in the ass to cars, don’t know why, but I do. I assume when driving a car that there will be a bike around the  bend, or over the next hill. Yesterday in Boston coming out of the tunnel near Albany St I came around a bend and a guy was walking right up the ramp. It didn’t throw me because I was ready, for anything.

I want to get home, I don’t want any trouble, this is true wherever I drive.

So, I am worrying all the time about Jeff and his gang riding bikers back East. One morning a few weeks ago I spotted two riders near Whirlygigs checking their map. I inquired if they needed help as they were touring cyclists  with French accents.

“Could you help  us with Route 27?”

“Mais oui” said I  and pointed out Route 27, straight ahead. I think we once had a Route 27 sign hanging from a wire over Water St.

Before they struck off on their way home to Montreal, I asked about how courteous  our drivers had been on their trip.

The woman answered almost gushing about how great people are “here”. How wide a berth that they have been given.

“Not like in Montreal” she huffed, “”they cut you right off”

This was a terrible accident  yesterday and in reflecting on it, we can all be more careful. We need to be focused,  slow down, and be  more courteous behind the wheel,  and the  handlebars.  This admonition extends to pedestrians and joggers.

I want everyone to get home safe.


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