foot dragging

It’s Fathers Day , and it was a beautiful day yesterday for our yard sale, we were so lucky. The new owner of 18 Locust stopped by too! We were happy to move a few things back in that she wanted. Her three children are going to love growing up on Locust.

Too bad for us she did not want the gift of a plastic boat.

Let me know if you do.

I read Friday in the ENL that the fellow that bought and rehabilitated the Loaf stated , “no tenant till the dam is removed”.

I made a few phone calls, and have two more calls to make Monday.

It will be possible for me however to write about my unease over this news this weekend. It seems despite the story about the Loaf, that many like me have been wondering for some time.

When is the Great? Dam coming down?

Why has  there not more discussion and planning for this  momentous event due this Fall?

What exactly is the FOCUS of the BOS and Town Government?




Olive R Tardiff

Born Exeter , NH January 1 1916

Departed January 15 2015

I had the great pleasure of visiting Mrs Tardiff when I screened the Squamscott River Film at the Rockingham Nursing Home for her and a full room of residents.

Kyle and I both read her book  “Exeter-Squamscott, A River of Many Uses” prior to filming the Squamscott River movie. I remember her being a hot ticket that day but of course she was only 94 that year.


Let the river run

We used this lovely song written by  Bill Staines a NH native from Dover, to close out the  Squamscott River movie. I do have not much left to say to the Community on dam removal and restoration of the watershed. There will be a final opportunity this weekend at Town Hall to ask questions.

I don’t have any questions.

Join us as we do the good thing, the smart thing, the right thing.

Vote yes on dam removal.


Publication Announcement

Bob Moore  one of our  collaborators on the Squamscott River Film has had a volume of his poetry  published. I will  often simply  click on the film minimize the  screen and  listen to his artful guitar work. I can still see every image I assure you. We  were so lucky to  have his participation in that project.I imagine his poetry is engaging as well.

Water Street Books, Exeter , NH

River Run Bookstore, Portsmouth , NH

Beech River Books( Publisher)

Check  the “about us” tab on the Publisher . They are an interesting couple with an intriguing business model.

You  are invited to purchase a copy!


Squamscott River Movie

Don Clement and I went  to the Rockingham  County Nursing home  yesterday  to show the movie. Olive Tardiff who wrote a book on the River was in attendance. It was a fun time. So many comments from former Exeter  residents. I have been in just about every Nursing Home & Hospital in New England while  working  in medical  sales. This facility  continues to be a brilliant star in that universe.