Let the river run

We used this lovely song written by  Bill Staines a NH native from Dover, to close out the  Squamscott River movie. I do have not much left to say to the Community on dam removal and restoration of the watershed. There will be a final opportunity this weekend at Town Hall to ask questions.


I don’t have any questions.

Join us as we do the good thing, the smart thing, the right thing.

Vote yes on dam removal.


7 thoughts on “Let the river run

  1. Mike–
    Will you or anyone else be able to answer this question posed at the deliberative session: is the money the Town has to spend to address the water needed by the Exeter Mill covered by the federal grant? (Mr. Dean simply said that “it was included in the application.) I’d be suurprised if it is (but certainly could be wrong). Seems to me — if I were in the grant-giving business — that “cost of dam removal” would not include contract costs separately and voluntarily undertaken by the Town. Again, I could be wrong here (I am not in the grant-giving business), but I can’t seem to get an answer. As I understand it, the “Mill money” is roughly 1/3 of the toal cost ($540K out of $1.7M). If that 540K isn’t grant-eligible…well, you can do the math. It does not mean that removal isn’t the best option, even if itsn’t the least-cost option. But it may mean, contrary to the letter in today’s paper, that the cost will be more than ‘close to zero.’
    Anyway, I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this; just want to ave the clear picture.

  2. Here is your answer from Paul Vlasich our Town Engineer shepherding the grant process.
    “The cost for the penstock intake retrofit is included in the grant application and it is our understanding that this cost is eligible.”

    Eric you should also know that a significant cushion was built into the request to address this issue. The penstock was recently surveyed by a diver and it was determined that the positioning of the intake could perhaps cost less than 200K either way it’s all covered.
    There are no “gotcha’s” in the plan, it’s been years and they have all been explored and addressed. Vote YES.

  3. Thanks for the helpful reply. I’m more impressed by the cushion than by Mr. Vlasich’s “understanding.” “Eligible” doesn’t quite answer the question. I’d like to see someone point to other projects where the grant has covered something ancillary to actual removal. Regardless, thanks. I will try to be there tomorrow to be able to discuss further the basis for the “understanding.” Can never have too much info!

  4. It would be great if those granting monies used terms like “slam dunk” but alas, we must wait and be hopeful. I am feeling quite good on that score.
    It is also true that dam removal is most attractive to other groups that are very interested in restoring critical habitats and improving water quality. Every project I have looked at has had monies donated as everyone wants to be part of this good thing.
    Dam removal.
    I had a report that Matt Quandt at the Riverwoods Candidates night this week was again, talking nonsense regarding dam removal.Go tomorrow you can also catch the Youth Art Show upstairs. I commend you for taking the time to do your due diligence.
    I will race you over the Great!Falls in a kayak on the big day.

  5. Matt,
    In the Fall of 2015 you will be shooting the rapids of the natural Exeter River Falls as it spills into the Squamscott River to the Great Bay and beyond!
    That will be a fun and interesting trip for you as you transition from fresh, to brackish then saltwater, all mixed with a great deal of nitrogen.
    There is still much work to be done to insure the health of our waterways.
    Happy New Year

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