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friday morning

Stepped out of the apartment with the dog early this morning and met this fellow coming up the stairs. We are currently camping at the Mill along the river as we sold our home.

In two days.

I am not crowing, just a word to the wise. Formulate  a plan if you catch the bug to sell because all the campgrounds are full.

This is an an area that is chock full of wild things. My own yard was the same way with woodland beasts.   I tried to pick him up but as you saw in the other snapper photo, they have long necks. You lift from the rear and just behind his head, but he was having none of that .


2015-05-29 05.57.34 So I grabbed a hamper and it just fit.

2015-05-29 06.02.10

Back to Clemson Pond for the wandering turtle.

On our walk this am we saw the Exeter FD responding to a brush fire in the PEA woods.

2015-05-29 06.26.57-3Have a nice weekend,


Exeter Paint

Tomorrow they will be open at their new location in the Walgreens Plaza next to Nadeaus Subs. I stopped in last week when I saw them working in the new space. I spoke with the manager and told her that for me  this was going to be great.  I felt  the location they had for many years near the Lindt Resale shop was really out of play. It was strong with painting  pros  but consumer traffic, not so much. It was sort of tough to visit the store.

The Globe Plaza location was in my estimation also out of play, despite being in a strip  street visibility is poor. I know for me  I like to duck over to the “paint store” to get something mid project. This new location  which  closer in  by two traffic lights will be a winner. Also the Globe Plaza parking has some issues. I understand the exercise place is busting at the seams, and can’t get additional space at that location. The Market , the Exercise place and a  Dollar store. Two strong duck in businesses, and one strong longer term parking business. Something has to give.

Guess what ? This “new ” location for Exeter Paint  next to Walgreens was the home of Exeter Paint for almost 17 years back in the day.

So get in and check out the new store. I will be in early Monday as I need their detective work on a qt can missing it’s label.


Roof update for IOKA

The IOKA has been inspected and will be shoveled tomorrow. Walgreens and Globe Plaza are done . All flat roofs are done  in Town other than Burnham Cleaners on Lincoln.

The Exeter NH Fire Department on the job, keeping us safe. Well as safe as they can you are responsible for your roof at home and with rain coming it’s time to get it off.