First Friday Coffeehouse 4/5/13

Musicians, poets, April foolers, Spring contenders, folks who like to hear the sound of geese a-flying, and the peepers peeping in the vernal pools and warming bogs:

I hope you’all had a good Easter weekend, and your hearts are warming at the slow but steady signs of spring in the air, and on the ground. Our house is well-shaded, and well, it’s still surrounded by several mounds of stubborn snow, but I’ve looked into the depths of my crystalline ball, and the end of the snow melt is near. To let you know, we have a terrific trio featured this coming Friday. I first heard Lizz Ferdina, James Davenport, and Stephen Brough at the Spireside Coffeehouse in Dunbarton, NH last fall. They were opening the coffeehouse as I recall, and their band sound was very intriguing, and well-crafted. They do contemporary ballads, pop and rock tunes, many songs that would be familiar to you, including two and three-part harmony arrangements. Steve and Lizz are on vocals and guitar, and James sings and performs on percussion. They’ll be starting off the coffeehouse this Friday at the usual time, 7:30 PM, and will play for about 40 minutes. A quick bio can be found below. Hope you can make it and experience their sound.

“Steve Brough, James Davenport and Lizz Ferdina are local musicians from south-central New Hampshire who have come together with the common goal of performing their favorite songs. Preferring to perform various styles and tempos, the group plays an eclectic mix of rock, popular ballads and blues. Steve and Lizz play guitar, James plays a variety of percussion instruments and all three sing both lead and harmony parts. The ensemble started their musical collaboration at the Spireside Open Mic in Dunbarton last year and have since been performing regularly at Spireside and at other Open Mic venues.”

So, we’ll see you this Friday, April 5th at 7:30 PM. Open-mike sign-up begins at 6:30 PM, Open-mike begins at 8:30 PM. Donations are welcome. For directions or more information, e-mail:, phone: 603-642-4648.

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