out of pocket

My Aunt caught the same viral bug as did I which required , for her, a short hospital stay. I still have some lingering effects and it is going on now for 12 days.

Yes, I am counting. If you also have had this bug, I know your pain. I would suggest the rest of you steer clear of anyone coughing. It’s a real knockout punch of a virus or flu or whatever. I didn’t bother with a diagnosis, My Aunt’s Doc said it could last 3 weeks.

She got it days before me.

A 91 year old does not spend  4 nights in the hospital without some rather pronounced effects.

So once we sprung her from the joint , I moved in with her, and brought the dog.

It was a week of walks around Clemson Pond for Bailey and I while she slept.




“How about you and me ?”


“The names Drake”


“Fine then!”






Picasa auto- contrast


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